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Making a wool monster

How we make the Skrimslis

We care about our planet, which is why we strive to use high quality left over fabrics when we make our Skrimslis. Their bodies are always made of pure 100% Icelandic wool, leftovers we buy from a local wool clothing manufacturer here in Iceland. The same goes for the hands and feet, they are made from fabric cuttings gathered from sewers all over Iceland. 

Left over fabrics used for wool monster


Minimal waste

All kinds of small fabric cuttings turn in to hands, feet, horns and tails instead of being thrown out


The bodies

Usually we are able to gather left over fabrics from our wool manufacturer to use in the bodies, but sometimes we have special bodies made, like when we want to see the Icelandic flag or other special designs

Icelandic flag wool
hair for wool monster
Handmade soft toy


Hair or horns?

Our Skrimslis always have either hair or horn, although sometimes it has both when a little creator in our workshop thinks that it is a must :) 

The hair is made of synthetic fur



When we are making the Skrimslis for our local sellers, we first make hundreds of hands, feet, hair, horns and tails. Then we puzzle them together for sewing. And sometimes it is so hard to choose what to put together! We dare you to try in our workshop :) 

Making wool monsters
sewing a wool monster


Locally sewn

And of course all of our Skrimslis are sewn by us in our own workshop


Time for the eyes

The eyes we use are high quality safety eyes that we buy from a manufacturer in Japan. 

creating a unique Icelandic souvenir
sewing a mouth on wool monster
Icelandic wool yarn


Smiling or?

The mouths on the Skrimslis are sewn by hand with high quality pure Icelandic wool yarn.


The filling

The Skrimslis are filled with high quality wadding. The wadding is 100% polyester fiber and allergy tested

filling a wool monster
Creating a unique handmade souvenir from Iceland



...and finally we close the Skrimsli

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