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  • Writer's pictureAlma Bjork Astthorsdottir

Efstidalur II

We are so happy to tell you that the Skrimslis will now be available at Efstidalur Farm-Hotel.

If you have not been there I urge you to go and get a little taste of their wonderful Ice Cream! It is made on site and it is without a doubt the best Ice Cream in Iceland!

It truly is a unique place where you can sit and enjoy your food while looking at the cows and calves. There is also a play area so it is a good opportunity to stretch the little legs on your way in the Golden circle and have a little play

On the farm you will also find friendly dogs that will enthusiastically greet you as you step out of the car and there is also a horse rental on site!

The Skrimslis were so happy arriving at the farm!


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