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The Skrimslis Party!

Yesterday, the 11th of November we celebrated the publication of our first book about the Skrimslis „The Skrimslis of Lavaland“. The event took place in Hafnarborg in Hafnarfjordur Iceland.

We had many guests who enjoyed themselves with various activities. Children could color a picture of the Skrimslis. We had a magician entertaining and we opened our first Skrimsli workshop

Now one might ask, what is a Skrimsli workshop?

Well in the Skrimsli workshop you get to create your very own unique Skrimsli. We have made dozens and dozens of hands, feet, tails, hair, horns etc. You pick a body. Then you choose what you want to put on it. You can choose as much as you want if it can be sewed on! Then you give the Skrimsli some eyes, mouth and filling. At last you go to the sewing lady to get it closed. We have staff an all places to help out if needed.

We were seeing great variation of wonderful skrimslis. Some had four hands, others, others had horns and hair, others had three eyes and yet others had up to six eyes! The imagination our children just has no limits and it was so great to give them the opportunity to use it and create their own toy.

Pictures say more than thousand words….


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